The Original Buddy Bowl - Spill Proof Water Bowl, Non Spill Travel Water Bowl, Regulates Drinking, Puppy - Small Breed Size - 32 OZ, Made in USA

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Non-Spill Buddy Bowls are perfect for dogs who are on the go. Say goodbye to the mess; this spill and splash-proof design will keep your dog’s water in the bowl at all times. This intentional design also provides a lot of other benefits. The top prevents your canine from drinking too fast and keeps their ears from hanging into the water and getting soaked. The added rim prevents evaporation and keeps dust and dirt from contaminating the water. Plus, the bowl comes apart for easy cleaning! Spillproof Paces drinking speed Prevents messes Two colors available in 32 oz - 8" wide x 4.5" tall with a 3" wide mouth hole Made from FDA #1 non-toxic polyethylene